Hello Neighbor




When one of the most acclaimed franchises in modern gaming comes to VR, the stakes are high to do it justice. Since its debut, Hello Neighbor has spawned a host of sequel and prequel titles as well as a thriving subculture of user-generated content. The game is beloved for its signature family-friendly style of horror, and in particular for its legendary villain with his creepy home. If you know anything about Hello Neighbor, you know the sheer terror of Mr. Peterson chasing you through the corridors of the house on 910 Friendly Court.

By launching a sequel designed for VR headsets, the Hello Neighbor team took a bold new perspective on the franchise—one that demanded a whole new perspective on what a game trailer could be. 


With VR, Hello Neighbor fans could immerse themselves in the world of the game like never before. Scout House brought the iconic set piece of the game to life by weaving together gameplay capture with an actual custom-built scale model of 910 Friendly Court. Employing a small army of 3D printers and leading minds in set design, the Scout House team transformed 3D game assets into printable building blocks. Everything from walls and doors to houseware and furniture were rendered physically. Because the trailer features seamless cuts from VR to scale model and back, every element had to match to an uncanny degree of accuracy. 

Known for its unexpected twists, Scout House included a shocking ending to the Hello Neighbor trailer: the first-ever reveal of Mr. Peterson himself, in human form (with a little help from prosthetics and the makeup department).