There are few game genres as crowded and competitive as the first-person shooter. From console to headset, most shooters tend to look the same, play the same, and get marketed in the same ways. When Scout House partnered with the team behind Breachers, they started with what made the title different: tactical gameplay that translated the popular style of console shooters, such as Rainbow Six Siege, into a VR experience and a devoted following on Discord among popular streamers. The brief was to differentiate the title, capture the unique style of combat gameplay in a way that felt organic, and show early adopters that Scout House was attuned to their conversations.


To give Breachers an ownable position in the FPS space, Scout House started by listening. The Scout House team engaged with the community early and often: from the thousands of players who made the Breachers Discord server a thriving hub of game discussion to the high-profile influencers who helped build early buzz for the title. 

Key insight was identified: playing Breachers was as much about communication as point-and-shoot firefights. Rival teams planned out their assault or defense, helped one another select weapons and gear, and went into battle with defined roles and plays in mind. Capturing authentic headset chatter would help bring gameplay footage to life. In terms of that footage, it had to feel real to speak authentically to the fans—no contrived cinematics, no filler, no engineered footage—real players, executing real combat sequences.

On the heels of a record-breaking Meta Quest Store launch, Scout House followed up with a special message to the fans who made it all possible. A secondary marketing piece invited real players and influencers to share favorite moments and experiences in the heat of battle, while giving new fans a taste of the community awaiting them online.

“Scout House leading the content creation was invaluable . . . It’s visually stunning and does an excellent job of explaining the game, the camera work and editing is top-notch—the sound is intense.”
—Jeroen Dessaux, Triangle Factory